Superintendent's Message 9/21/2017

Superintendent's Message by Dr. Kelly T. Burhop
Posted on 09/21/2017
Dr. Kelly T. Burhop, Superintendent

As you may have noticed the Norwalk-Ontario-Wilton School District has changed the design of our web­ site. I want to thank Deb Ferries for the countless hours she has put into this project. At this point with the current web format, the web-page is not as full with information as the last format. Over time that will change. Please be patient as the new NOW School District web-page continues to get built. All the basics should be in place. As time goes the goal is to have a more accessible, more informational and more user friendly web-site.

Homecoming is next week. At my request, that the parade route in Norwalk got changed. A map is included along with this message. The old route had students and staff lined up along County Rd. U down by the Catholic Church. Traffic was not stopped on County U for the parade lineup and there is no parking area along County U where our students and staff can safely stand away from County U traffic while waiting for the parade to start. We did have a staff member hit by a vehicle three years ago. Due to safety, I requested a change of the parade route with the Norwalk Village Board where our students and staff could line up and wait for the start of the parade safely. I want to say "Thank You" to the Norwalk Village Board for looking into a safer place for our students and staff.

During the Homecoming game against Hillsboro on September 29, spectators can bring non-perishable food items to the game and donate them instead of paying admission. This has been advertised in the weekly high school newsletter and will be advertised in the County Line. The goal is to stock the Falcon Food Pantry with as many cans of vegetables, fruit and soups as we can. The Falcon Food Pantry serves approximately thirty of our families over the holiday seasons. If you have children in the school district and would like to be a recipient of the Falcon Food Pantry, contact Rachel Pasch here at the school. All names will remain confidential.

I am hopeful by Monday, October 25 that Governor Walker signs the new two year state budget and I can figure out what that budget financially means for the school district. Once I get all that information along with other relevant information I will write a column informing the constituency of the tax levy in mid to late October. Stay tuned.

I want to thank all the parents in adjusting to the new student drop-off procedures in the mornings. have been observing the process over the first few weeks of school and it appears everything is working out well.

Have a great fall.