Career Information

Career Information

Career Cruising: This website is a comprehensive career exploration tool which allows students to closely match personal characteristics and interests with career possibilities. student will need to see their counselor for a registration code to set up a personal account.

The United States Department of Labor - Bureau of Labor Statistics: This website allows students to explore various forms of labor.  Unemployment, employment, inflation, and pay & benefits are all available for various jobs.  Students are also able to search for jobs and wages in specific states and cities around the country. 

Western Technical College - Non-Traditional Occupations: Western Technical College explains what non-traditional occupations are for men and women.   Benefits and specific programs/occupations are discussed.

Job Center of Wisconsin: This website is geared towards jobs and careers in only Wisconsin.  Employers are able to post jobs and employees are able to search for jobs around the entire state.  Labor Market for specific counties, and wages are shown.  Employees are also able to create and post their resume to Job Center of Wisconsin in hopes of finding a job or career; temporary or permanent. 

Wisconsin's WORKNet: Wisconsin's WORKNet is specifically targeting jobs and careers in Wisconsin. Students are able to look for job growth in careers around the state, as well as compare salaries and wages in careers to those same careers around the state.