New Students

New Student Registration Information
You will need to complete the following to begin registration:

  • Verification of district residence
  • Provide immunization record
  • Pay registration fee - $5 for Junior High students
  • Sign a release of information so transcripts can be sent from previous school
  • Completion of registration packet, see office personnel for more information
  • Notify school district if there are any special education needs
  • Meet with the school counselor to get a class schedule

Office Personnel

Ashley Thieman Rachel Pasch  Marissa Buchholz
 Jr/Sr High
Administrative Assistant
 Jr/Sr High Guidance
Administrative Assistant
Administrative Assistant
[email protected]  [email protected]  [email protected]
 608-337-4401 (ext. 222)  608-337-4401 (ext. 228)  608-337-4420 (354)