Jr/Sr High Morning Announcements

Parents can now "Opt In" to receive SMS text messages! All you need to do is send "Y" or "Yes" to short code number, 67587.
Thursday, February 29th - Today is an A day!

Spaghetti Sauce or Chicken Alfredo Sauce Over Noodles, Peas & Carrots, Garlic Bread
TOMORROW: Garlic Cheese Bread Pizza or Pulled Pork Sandwich, Waffle Fries, Fresh Fruit & Veggies

No games or meets tonight.
Open Gyms Thursday, Feb. 29th at 3:30pm for high school students only: - Classic Gym: equipment for agility, strength, and speed training - Elementary Gym: softball
Upcoming Start Dates for Spring Sports:

     HS Track March 4th
     HS Softball March 11th
     HS Baseball** March 18th
     **Pitching Conditioning   March 10th - 16th
     JH Track March 25th

Spring Sports Clothing orders are open! Visit the FALCON SHOP  for Track & Softball swag!

I STUDENT OF THE WEEK: I Samantha Markee is very studious and dedicated to learning. Socially she is polite, friendly and kind to others. She sets a great example for other students to follow.

I ATHLETES OF THE MONTH: I Girls Basketball: Reagan Muehlenkamp Boys Basketball: Gavin Havlik Wrestling: Katherine McElhose
Brookwood High School Artists of the Month for January: Yoselin Gonzalez Lopez, Javier Bautista Gomez and Emma Baldwin

Wrestling meeting TODAY at the beginning of FT in the Tech classroom. This will include High school, junior high, stats, and cheerleaders.
Freshmen, please click here to see when your next Falcon Mentoring meeting is.
JH Battle of the Books will meet during FT in Mr. Lee's room TODAY.

Trap Shooting Team meeting TODAY during FT in the Tech room. Sign-up is now open for ages 8th - 12th grade. Students must have completed Hunter’s Education course before our first meeting. Students must register & pay before the first meeting as well. The first meeting is Mar. 24th at 3:00pm at the Wilton Gun Club. We plan to meet every Sunday (except Easter Sunday) until May 19th. See Mr. Green with questions.
Attention high school. Join us during Falcon Time for a 3-on-3 basketball tournament next Monday and Wednesday. Sign up sheets are posted on the classic gym door. Your team must be signed up by TOMORROW, March 1st. There might also be a staff team! Don't want to play but want to watch, join us anyways!! Any questions... see Mrs. Lindley-Duerwachter!
JH FFA members attending the FIRE Conference TOMORROW - please remember the bus is leaving Brookwood at 7am tomorrow morning. Do not be late!
Start College Now and Early College Credit Program Applications are now available to all current freshmen, sophomores, and juniors that would like to take college classes this fall. Applications can be picked up in Mrs. Nemec's office and are due back by the end of the school day TOMORROW, Mar. 1st.
Brookwood Theater Program Presents: “Sally Cotter and the Censored Stone” Saturday, Mar. 2nd @ 7:00pm & Sunday, Mar. 3rd @ 2:00pm Cast includes: Miranda Arndt, Shannon Bryant Sheehan, Ayawyn Conner, Elijah John, Samantha Markee, Christian McElhose, Katherine McElhose, Cooper Powell, Berulo Rodriguez, Shelby Suhr-Leland & Emma Wiedmeyer.
Got change???  Diversity Club is hosting the 2nd annual Penny War. High school and Junior High students can bring in pennies or dollar bills to add to the jars in the office for the teacher they'd like to see get a pie to the face! If there is a teacher you'd like to save, add some silver coins to their jar! The jars will be in the office during lunches and will also make their way around to Falcon rooms!

Junior Prom Committee
: We will have our next meeting on Monday, Mar. 4th. Please be prepared with sketches of ideas so we know what to order.  If you have time in Falcon Time THIS WEEK and would like to help inventory the closet of supplies--let Mrs. Campos know ASAP.
Forensics Meeting during FT on Wednesday, Mar. 6th in the Elementary Gym. All competitors are required to attend. 
Attention ALL Juniors: ACT exam will be Tuesday, Mar. 12th.
REMINDER: New "Green Space" options for HS students during Falcon Time. Included are: Trivia Contests (with prizes!!), Card Games, Genealogy/Local History, Fiber Crafts, and Tutoring of younger students! Check out the bulletin boards outside of the HS Office or by Mrs. Mayne's room for more information! Sign-up locations are as follows: Trivia (Campos' Room), Card Games (Stoike's room), Genealogy/Local History (Mayne's room), Fiber Crafts (Holte's Room) & Tutoring (Google Form; info on bulletin board by Mayne's room). PLEASE SIGN UP ASAP!!
Tutoring during FT is open this week through Thursday. Please sign up using the QR scan code on the flyers. You can select classes you are interested tutoring for. Mrs. Campos will request you and tell you what you need to do.
Juniors and Seniors interested in the Healthcare field should let Mrs. Nemec know ASAP. She is looking at taking students to a Coulee Region Healthcare Career Festival at UW-LaCrosse in April. We need to reserve spots for us to attend.
The Technical Excellence Scholarship has not been claimed yet. This is for a senior that will be attending a Technical College starting in the fall of 2024. Guaranteed money for one of Brookwood's graduates ($2,250 per year for up to 3 years). Please log into Xello and complete the Google Form if you have been accepted to a Technical College

Congratulations to this year's Valedictorian, Amelia Muellenberg, and the Salutatorian, Kylie Powell!

Jostens will be here for graduation deliveries & to meet with the Junior Class Officers on Thursday, Mar. 14th at 2:50 during FT in the HS Commons.
Reminder of 
class dues: Seniors to Ms. Holte, Juniors to Mrs. Sheehan, Sophomores to Mr. Da Prato, and Freshmen to Mr. Behrens.
Please look through the lost & found on the table outside of the HS Office! We are collecting quite a few items again already & need to address this before it gets worse.


From Mr. Abing: I do need to put closure on why I did what I did with the "no travel day" on Tuesday (1/30). Hopefully you're listening. Students, every month, I've considered doing a "no travel day". Instead, time and time again, I talk with junior and senior high students on an individual basis without ever extending it to the entire junior/senior high school. On Monday (1/29), there were over fifteen travel violations (a few came from the junior high and the rest came from the senior high). It took me half a school year before implementing our first "no travel day". I can assure you, I will not be that patient during this semester. I can assure you, if things don't improve, there will be more "no travel days". Today, you are allowed to travel.

Students, we've been having a lot of issues with students taking extra long breaks during block days, which leads to a lot of wandering. Whenever I have conversations with parents and community members, they value students being in the classroom. Therefore, if your break is longer then 5 minutes, the teachers will mark you tardy. Four tardies equals a lunch detention.
Students, for safety reasons, you are to ALWAYS enter and exit the school through the office during school hours, not directly through the front doors. (Unless accompanied or authorized by staff.)
I have several reminders I need to say, especially since they can all carry a consequence for not following through:
**Gyms/Locker Rooms: No food in the gyms or locker rooms. The Classic Gym is used for class, not as a shortcut. The locker rooms are only to be used before or after school, as well as during your scheduled gym class.
**No Wandering in the Halls: A handful of students are spending a decent amount of time in the hallways during class time almost every hour of the day. I'll be talking to those students & they will receive a consequence if the problem doesn't get fixed. A number of students will also be receiving Falcon Time travel violations, which comes with a consequence.
**Falcon Time Traveling: Remember, if you're on red status, you can't leave the classroom unless you've been "pass-requested" by a teacher. After you visit that teacher, you need to report back to your Falcon Time teacher. If you're on green status, you still don't get to wander during Falcon Time. If you're on green status, you need to go to where you signed out. If you change your mind later on that period, you need to report back to your Falcon Time teacher so they can sign you out to your next location.
WHY ALL THE RULES?  The actions of a handful of students throughout this week is the reason why we need the rules. It's also the reason why you'll receive a consequence for not following the rules.

Students, when you go on break in the middle of your class on block days, you should not "visit" other classes. That has been happening and I welcome knowing about it so I can follow up. If a teacher gets on you for being in their class when you're on a break, they're doing the right thing. The teachers are advised to hold you accountable, so please do not get upset with them.

We've found several lockers with an object wedged into the lock mechanism to keep it from locking shut. For one of our lockers, that locking mechanism has been 
permanently damaged. We've been unable to just replace the locking mechanism. Instead, we'll now need to replace that entire locker. Consequently, wedging objects into the lock mechanism is not allowed and will be followed with a consequence if you continue to do so. Lockers will be randomly checked & we will know who the lockers belong to by looking it up in Skyward.

Our student handbook says that Advance Make-Up forms need to be completed and turned in at least one day prior to the field trip. Therefore, if you turn it in the day of the event, you'll be sent to the office and I will give you the bad news that you won't be able to go to the event. I'll also call your parents while referencing what it says in our handbook.

Falcon Time Reminders:
 -- Use of the HS Commons:
Junior High students will be using the Commons Mondays through Thursdays, Senior High students will get the Commons on Fridays. (This began at the start of 2nd quarter.)
 -- Travel Violations; Report Back to FT Teacher:

We've had an increase in travel violations during Falcon Time. After you go to see a teacher for help during Falcon Time, you'll need to report back to your original Falcon Time teacher before going elsewhere. We've had a number of students receive consequences for travel violations.
 -- Red Status = No Cell Phones:
If you're on red status, you're not allowed to use your cell phone during Falcon Time. Also, remember that with our new cell phone policy, you'll receive detentions for your 4th, 5th, and 6th violations. The violations you received during the 1st quarter stay with you... they did not reset. The detentions will be after school detentions. When you get to your 7th violation, then you start leaving your phone in the office all day.

Students are not allowed to roam the elementary hallways at any point during the school day. The elementary teachers and the elementary principal have reached out to me. Therefore, if you're caught roaming the elementary hallways, there will be a consequence.

Students are no longer allowed to ride the bus to a different location without a 
bus note. Bus notes are available in the HS Office, but parent/guardian consent will be required first. Bus drivers will turn you away without a bus note, so please plan ahead.

Locker Room & Classic Gym Expectations:
 -- Students can only go to the locker rooms before school, during P.E. class, or after school:
A decent amount of students have been going to the locker rooms during periods they don't have a P.E. class. Students can go to the locker rooms before school, during P.E. class, or after school. Also, a number of students stop by the gym during a classroom break, which interrupts the P.E. class. If a student is caught in the locker room during any other time, or interrupts a class, they'll receive a consequence. 
 -- No food is allowed in the locker rooms or Classic Gym from now on:
There has been food left in the locker rooms and in the Classic Gym on a number of occasions. It hasn't been easy to clean up. You will not be able to bring food into the locker room or into the Classic Gym. If a student is caught not following that expectation, a consequence will be given.
 -- Boys' Locker rooms need to be kept clean:
The Classic Gym boys' locker rooms have not been left in great shape by the time the evening custodian cleans them. Junior and senior high boys, if it doesn't improve, you'll most likely not enjoy the changes/limitations we'll be putting on the availability of that locker room.
 -- Classic Gym is not a shortcut:
Reminder to use the Classic Gym for P.E. class, not as a shortcut! It is possible to receive a consequence for not following this expectation

After school weightlifting expectations: Students, remember that after school when you're done lifting, you need to head to the Commons. However, we've noticed that some students are done lifting within 15 minutes and head to the Commons for the remainder of the time (which might be an hour or longer). Thank you for heading to the Commons but you're still unsupervised for a lengthy amount of time. Therefore, if you're going to stay after to lift, you need to have a plan for getting picked up in a timely manner. You won't be able to lift for just a handful of minutes and then spend the rest of the time in the Commons. You'll need to plan accordingly or receive a consequence.

Students leaving the parking lot too fast and/or driving recklessly were warned in the announcements on 9/26. Violators after this day will be given a consequence instead of a subsequent warning.