Elementary School Counseling Resources

Throughout the year, these are some of the resources I frequently use for my guidance lessons. Many of these websites also have activities that you can explore at home with your child. Feel free to contact me if you have questions.

Wigglebottom Book,

The We Do Listen Foundation has created a series of books to teach children important life lessons. Their website has animated books, games, songs, and many other free activities for your child. A great website to explore!Paws in Jobland
Paws in Jobland is an online career awareness program designed to help elementary students build self-awareness, identify personal interests and explore the world of work. During the school year, I will be using this program with all students K-6 to start to build career readiness. Instructions and login information for this website will be sent home with all students during the spring career unit.
Julia Cook
Julia Cook's books are a cornerstone of the guidance lessons I use at N-O-W Elementary. A former teacher and school counselor, Julia writes books for children that let them laugh while learning to solve their own problems, use better behavior, and develop healthy relationships. I am a huge fan of Julia Cook's books and use them for all grade levels. I highly encourage you to check out her books for yourself.