Parent Teacher Conferences Forms

To schedule a Parent-Teacher Conference, click on the teacher's name and fill out the Google Form. "HS" designates that the class is a 9-12th grade class; "JH" designates that the class is for 7th & 8th grade students. The teacher will contact you to confirm the conference.

Ms. Arbanas - HS Business Writing, HS Adv. English, HS English 11

Ms. Bennett - 10-12 Grades LS Math & English

Mr. D. Brieske - HS Health, HS Phy. Ed. 10/11, JH Phy. Ed. 8

Mrs. J. Brieske - HS US History 1, JH Social Studies 7, HS Psychology, JH Homeroom 7

Ms. Buckbee - HS Spanish 1, HS Spanish 2, HS Adv. Spanish: Lit. & Writing (Spanish 4), HS Spanish 3

Mrs. Campos - HS Algebra B, JH Exploratory 8 Spanish, HS Algebra 1, HS ESL Intermediate

Mr. Evenson - HS Choir, JH Choir

Mrs. Ferries - HS Personal Finance, JH Exploratory 7 Business Ed., HS Desktop Publishing, HS Computer Applications, HS Accounting

Miss Hakala - HS Guitar, HS Band, JH Band

Mr. Hansen - HS Adv. Biology, HS Env. Science 1, HS Biology

Ms. Hehl - JH Math 7, JH Math 8, JH Homeroom 8

Ms. Hoag - JH Social Studies 7, LMC Director

Miss Holen - JH English 7,  JH Lit. 8, JH Lit. 7, JH English 8, JH Homeroom 7

Miss Holte - JH Exploratory 8 Art, HS Adv. Drawing, HS Beginning 3D Art, HS Ceramics, HS Adv. Painting, HS Beginning 2D Art

Ms. Kelly - HS General Study Skills, Math, English, Life Skills

Mr. Mack - HS Algebra 2, HS Adv. Math, HS Calculus

Mr. Madden - HS Adv. Science, HS Chemistry, HS Earth Science

Mrs. Mayne / Mrs. Jeffers - HS English 10, HS World History

Mr. Menn - HS Drafting, HS Engines & Power, JH Exploratory 7 Tech Ed., HS Welding, HS Wood Tech. 1, HS Work Study

Mr. Nelson - JH Phy. Ed. 7

Mr. Olbert - JH English 8, HS Sports Lit., HS English 9

Mrs. Palmer - HS Food Service 2, JH Exploratory 8 Foods, HS Parent & Child, HS Foods for Life, HS Food Service 1, HS Multicultural Foods

Ms. Quella - 7-9 Grades LS Math, English, & Literature

Mrs. Schmitz - JH Exploratory 7 Ag., HS Livestock Production, HS Leadership, HS Horticulture, HS Careers & Ag.

Mrs. Sheehan - HS Geometry, HS Applied Geometry, HS Algebra A

Ms. Stevenson - JH Science 8, JH Science 7, JH Homeroom 8

Mrs. Stoikes - JH Social Studies 8, HS US History 2

Mr. Wallace - HS Weightlifting

Mrs. Nemec - School Counselor